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Everybody who is anybody is an idiom. We will examine the meaning of the common idiom everybody who is anybody, where it may have come from, and some examples of its idiomatic usage in sentences.

Everybody who is anybody is a term that means the important people or the famous or socially prominent people. Everybody who is anybody is an elitist term, though it is sometimes used in a humorous fashion. The expression everybody who is anybody came into use in the mid-1800s to mean people who were considered important in high society circles; today it most often refers to people who are prominent in entertainment, politics, or fashion.


Everybody who is anybody has stayed at the du Cap, from the Jazz Age to our digital times. (Avenue Magazine)

That’s probably the reason why everybody who is anybody in the showbiz world keeps bodyguards. (Times of India)

So it was no surprise, then, when almost everybody who is anybody showed up on Friday morning to Mr. Dowe’s Gallows Bay Marine Facility ribbon cutting for the first phase of a project that officials expect will transform Gallows Bay into a bustling destination where tourists with deep pockets frequent, after deboarding their luxurious, small cruise ships to experience the island. (Virgin Islands Consortium)

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