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Easy on the eyes is an idiom with an uncertain origin. We will examine the meaning of the common saying easy on the eyes, when it came into use, and some examples of its idiomatic usage in sentences.

Easy on the eyes is an idiom that describes something that is esthetically pleasing; the phrase is often used to describe a good-looking, beautiful, or handsome person. The idiom easy on the eyes came into use around the turn of the twentieth century and steadily gained popularity over the century, though its popularity may be waning. The expression is sometimes rendered as easy on the eye, but the plural form, eyes, is much more popular.


It’s ultra quiet on the highway, smooth around town and easy on the eyes as we received many compliments from onlookers and leaf-peepers in western Massachusetts. (The Lowell Sun)

The mansion is definitely easy on the eyes, as it has multiple amenities, including a garden, a pond, a pool and multiple outdoor sitting areas. (OK Magazine)

She is easy on the eyes and, whenever she opens her mouth, you are not disappointed — both beauty and brains. (The Jamaica Observer)

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