Drown Your Sorrows – Idiom, Meaning & Origin

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Aren’t idioms so much fun? They make language playful and more interesting. Take the phrase drown your sorrows as a good example. It paints a vivid picture, but its meaning is quite deep. So, hang tight while I wash away any questions about this expression.

Meaning of Drown Your Sorrows

Drown Your Sorrows – Idiom Meaning Origin

When someone is said to be drowning their sorrows, they aren’t literally submerging their feelings of distress in a water body. That would be impossible. Instead, they’re trying to forget their troubles or disappointment, and it’s usually by drinking alcohol.

It’s a metaphorical way of saying someone is seeking a temporary escape from their problems. Side note: this is unhealthy behavior.

But you don’t necessarily have to drown anything in alcohol. I’ve been known to end a bad day with a hoard of chocolate!

Different Tenses to Use

Navigating through the sea of tenses can be challenging. Don’t worry! I’m here with a life preserver. Here are the various tenses you could use this phrase in.

  1. Drown (base form): After a long day at work, she sometimes likes to drown her sorrows in a glass of wine.
  2. Drowned (past tense): He drowned his sorrows last night after he got the bad news.
  3. Drowning (progressive tense): My neighbor is drowning his sorrows in beer after his favorite team lost the championship.
  4. Drowns (third-person singular): She drowns her sorrows in chocolate whenever she’s having a bad day.

Origin and Etymology Behind Drown My Sorrows

Drown My Sorrows Ngram
Drown my sorrows usage trend.

The expression drown your sorrows dates back to at least the 18th century. It stems from the idea of immersing oneself in drink, trying to sink the troubles below the surface, much like drowning something in the water.

Synonyms for Drown My Sorrows

  • Drink away my troubles
  • Imbibe my cares away
  • Inebriate my woes
  • Submerge my problems in drink
  • Wet my worries

Drown Your Sorrows Examples in a Sentence

Drown Your Sorrows – Idiom Meaning Origin 1

Here’s a list of complete sentences that show how to use the expression in different tenses and with varying pronouns.

  • After failing the test, I decided to drown my sorrows in a pint of ice cream.
  • He’s been drowning his sorrows in whiskey since he lost his job.
  • It’s not healthy for her to drown her sorrows every time she has a bad day.
  • Don’t drown your sorrows in alcohol; facing your problems head-on is better.
  • They decided to drown their sorrows at the bar after losing the football match.
  • Despite the disappointing news, we chose not to drown our sorrows but to find a solution instead.
  • He’s currently drowning his sorrows; the poor guy lost his dog.
  • She drowned her sorrows in the bathtub with a good book after her boyfriend broke up with her.
  • After losing the bet, he spent the whole night drowning his sorrows.

Stay Afloat!

And that you should have a clear idea of how to use the phrase drown your sorrows. Don’t forget that this is considered unhealthy behavior and shouldn’t be the way you solve your problems. But, if you ever see someone drinking away their issues, you know what they’re really doing.