Bundle of Joy – Idiom, Meaning & Origin

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Have you ever heard someone refer to a new baby as a “bundle of joy”? I even have friends who call their new pets bundles of joy, and they’re not wrong. The phrase can be used to describe any sweet, new addition to your life. But what does it really mean? I’ll dive deep and give you some examples.

What Does ‘Bundle of Joy’ Mean?

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Well, simply put, it’s a common phrase we all use to describe a newborn baby. It expresses the warmth, happiness, and excitement that a new baby can bring to a family or person.

I will say that a bundle of joy’s meaning is usually used in a positive way because it conveys the idea that a new baby is a wonderful and delightful addition to our lives. So, I don’t think it can be used in a negative way unless it’s meant to be rhetorical or sarcastic.

What Is the Origin of the Phrase Bundle of Joy?

There’s actually no known origin of the phrase we all know and use today. But if you break apart the phrase by its words, you can easily deduce that bundle refers to something wrapped tightly and compact, as a newborn baby swaddled in a blanket. And joy is added because it’s a baby. It usually brings us happiness and pure love at first sight.

Bundle of Joy Synonyms

If you’re looking for other ways to describe a cute little baby or even a new pet, like a puppy or a kitten, there are plenty of other terms that you can use.

  • Little angel
  • Precious gem
  • Miracle
  • Blessing
  • Ray of sunshine
  • Sweet child
  • Precious

Each of these terms conveys a slightly different nuance, but they all express the joy and delight that a new baby can bring.

How Do You Use Bundle of Joy in a Sentence?

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Seeing examples in a sentence should give you a good idea of how you can use the phrase yourself.

  • I was nervous about giving birth, but we’re completely enamored with our little bundle of joy now.
  • Some people have babies, but we have puppies, and we just added another bundle of joy to our family.
  • I’m headed over to Breanne’s house to meet the new little bundle of joy.
  • I still remember when we brought home our bundle of joy from the hospital. The memory is as plain as if it were yesterday.
  • You can come over and hold our new bundle of joy when you’re feeling better. We just don’t want any outside viruses getting in.
  • No matter how big he gets, my son will always be my bundle of joy because he’s my firstborn child.

Now that their little bundle of joy is a year old, the pair want to add to the family. (Out Magazine)

Writing Is a Bundle of Joy

So, there you go. A bundle of joy is a happy, positive phrase that can be applied to any situation where something new comes into your life and brings you joy. These are things like a baby, a pet, a project that’s a labor of love, etc.