What Are Blood Brothers? – Origin & Meaning

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Is there real blood involved in the term blood brothers? What does blood brother even mean? It might sound disgusting, but the phrase has a history that gives it a deeper meaning. Learn all about it in this quick guide. I’ll even provide a few sentence examples, showing you how to use it properly.

The Blood Brothers Meaning Explained

What Are Blood Brothers Origin Meaning

Blood brothers is a term we use to describe two or more individuals, ironically not biologically related, who make a pact to treat each other as true brothers. This bond, often sealed through a symbolic ritual, signifies profound friendship, loyalty and a deep sense of mutual commitment.

Origin and Etymology of Blood Brothers

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The whole concept of blood brothers is rooted in various cultures worldwide. Historically, it represented a ceremonial pact where two people would cut their hands and mix their blood, symbolizing their new kinship. Talk about literal blood brothers! Eventually, it evolved to encompass deep non-biological brotherhood, minus the actual blood-mixing bit.

What Is the Female Version of Blood Brothers?

If you’re wondering whether women can be part of this camaraderie, the answer is a resounding yes! The female equivalent of blood brothers is blood sisters. Just like their male counterparts, blood sisters is used to describe a deep pact of undying loyalty and friendship among female friends.

As a woman myself, I’ve created bonds with my girlfriends over the years that are unshakeable and deeper than anything I have with an actual family member. So, I can appreciate the concept behind this phrase.

Blood Brother Synonyms

There are a few other ways to convey the same sentiment that this phrase stirs up.

  • Sworn brothers
  • Comrades
  • Bosom buddies
  • Besties
  • Soul brothers
  • Close friends
  • Inseparable companions

Blood Brother Examples in a Sentence

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I’ve always said that context is everything. I can talk about a term or phrase until I’m blue in the face, but sometimes we just need to see it used in a full sentence to grasp how to use it.

  • Despite their differences, John and Mike became blood brothers, always standing up for each other.
  • They may not share DNA, but they’re blood brothers in every other sense.
  • The two main characters in the movie became blood brothers to survive the harsh wilderness together.
  • The relationship between blood brothers is unbreakable.
  • Ever since they saved each other in the war, they’ve had a blood brotherhood with other soldiers they fought with.
  • Though we were born to different parents, we became blood brothers during college.
  • Their bond was so strong that people often mistook them for blood brothers.
  • They sealed their pact of friendship in childhood and remained blood brothers throughout their lives.

Who’s Your Blood Brother?

And there you have it! From symbolic rituals to everyday language, blood brothers signifies a bond beyond mere friendship. Remember, the world of language is full of fascinating terms and phrases, and I’m here to unravel them for you. So, the next time you’re mulling over a strange phrase, come over to grammarist.com—your go-to for all things wordy.