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All hands on deck is an idiom that has been in use since about the 1700s. We will examine the meaning of the idiomatic phrase all hands on deck, where it came from, and some examples of its use in sentences.

All hands on deck is an idiom that is a call for everyone to take part in the work put before them, a command that everyone participate in a particular situation. The expression all hands on deck may be used in emergency situations or in everyday situations. All hands on deck is a naval expression that has migrated into common use. In this phrase, the word hands refers to the sailors on the ship and the deck is the upmost tier of a ship.


Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office officials said the department will be “all hands on deck” for the parades. (Apalachicola Times)

Rather than a harbinger of disaster to come, we need to recognize this as a warning that it’s all hands on deck to ensure election security. (The Harvard Business Review)

“We continue to work to get help for Plymouth County residents and families impacted by addiction, and will take an all hands on deck approach until we get out in front of the overdose issue,” he said in a statement. (Enterprise News)

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