Trussed vs. Trust

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Trussed and trust are two words that are often confused. They are pronounced in the same way but are spelled differently and have different meanings. Trussed and trust are homophones. We will examine the difference between trussed and trust, where these words came from and some examples of their use in sentences.

Trussed is the past tense of truss, which may mean to tie up the wings and the legs of a chicken close to the body before cooking. Truss may also mean to tie a person’s arms to his side, or to dress someone up in elaborate clothes. Finally, truss may mean to build a framework to support a structure such as a bridge or a building. Related words are trusses and trussing. The word truss is derived from the Old French word trusser, which means to pack or to fill.

Trust is the belief in the truth or reliability of something or someone, the acceptance that a statement is true. Trust may also mean a responsibility one has been granted. Trust also describes a legal situation where a trustee holds and administers property for the good of the beneficiaries. Trust is used as a noun or a verb, related words are trusts, trusted, trusting. The word trust is derived from the Old Norse word treysta meaning to make safe, to make strong, to rely upon.


A new generation of higher skilled trussed rafter designers and fabricators . will increase homebuilding standards and protect the construction industry from poor quality products and installations, the Trussed Rafter Association (TRA) has said. (Scottish Construction Now Magazine)

When they ran out, Tin Cup Johnny’s pockets were full of gold dust, trussed in little leather bags, some of which he brought with him and some he stitched up himself at night by the light of the kerosene lamp. (The Lewiston Tribune)

Trust is the most important quality in every relationship, whether between spouses, between workers and management, teacher and students, the judiciary and citizens, service seekers and service providers, supervisees and supervisors, politicians and the people. (The Jamaica Observer)

The Hull City Supporters’ Trust are due to meet up with Premier League executives to discuss the lack of concession prices at the club, a statement has confirmed. (The Hull Daily Mail)

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