Per vs purr

Per and purr are two words that are pronounced in the same way but are spelled differently and have different meanings. They are homophones. We will examine the difference between the definitions of per and purr, where these two words came from and some examples of their use in sentences.

Per may mean for each, as when talking about units of rate, or may also mean the preposition through. Per may alternatively mean during each or according to. The word per is derived from the Latin word per which means by means of, through or during.

Purr is the sound that a cat makes when expressing contentment. A purr is a sound made with a low vibration and may figuratively describe the tone of a person’s voice as well as a mechanical or other sound. Purr may be used as a noun or an intransitive verb, which is a verb that does not take an object. Related words are purrs, purred, purring. The word purr is an imitative word from the 1600s, and may be related to the German imitative word schnurren.


Time lost due to aggravated traffic congestion in the greater Dublin area is costing the economy €350 million per year with the amount set to rise to €2 billion by 2033. (The Irish Times)

Per a report by ESPN’s Field Yates, the Cowboys are the favorite to host the 2018 NFL Draft at the team’s new headquarters the Ford Center at the Star in Frisco. (The Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Her purrs are soothing, and her plush, furry body is comforting to the touch. (The Chattanoogan)

Bullet the Cat Purrs Through Pain of Gunshot Wounds, Is Expected to Recover (People Magazine)

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