More vs moor

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More means to a greater degree, an additional amount, to a larger extent. More is  the comparative of much or many. More may be used as a determiner, which is a word placed in front of a noun to clarify what the noun refers to. More is also used as a pronoun and as an adverb. More is one of the top one thousand frequently used words in the English language, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. More is derived from the Old English word mara, which means greater, more, stronger, mightier.

A moor is a large, open stretch of land that has not been farmed or cultivated. The word moor meaning an open stretch of land comes from the Old English word mor, the definition of which is morass or swamp. Moor is also used as a verb to refer to the securing of a boat to an anchor or to land by means of a cable or rope. Related words are moors, moored, mooring, moorage. The word moor when used to mean securing a boat comes from the Old English word mærels, which translates as mooring rope. Moor also refers to a Muslim person from North Africa of Arab and Berber descent who lived during the Middle Ages. The term Moor comes from the Latin word Maurus, which means inhabitant of Mauritania, an old name for northwest Africa. Note that when Moor is used to describe a North African Muslim, the word is capitalized.


Donald Trump has taken a more than 20-point lead over U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas in the Republican race for the presidential nomination, bolstering his position ahead of the party’s primary in South Carolina on Saturday, according to a national Reuters/Ipsos poll. (Reuters)

Over a lifetime, a person with a bachelor’s degree typically earns $800,000 more than someone who has completed only high school, even after netting out tuition costs. (The New York Times)

DNA samples taken from Hugh Toner’s son did not match the body of the man found on Saddleworth moor. (The Guardian)

Their presence precedes a visit next week by the Chinese Navy, which will moor three of its own warships in Sihanoukville for a five-day spell. (The Khmer Times)

The continuity of Morisco culture is less defined, but there are concerted efforts to push the Spanish government to make a similar invitation to descendants of Spanish Moors. (The New York Times)