Maize vs. Maze

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Maize is corn, a tall grass that grows edible seeds on a cob. The word maize may also refer to a light yellow color. Maize was first cultivated ten thousand years ago in Mexico, in the Balsas River Valley.  The word maize comes from the Spanish word maíz, which in turn was derived from the Taíno word, mahiz.

A maze is a puzzle consisting of a complex network of lines, hedges or other obstructions through which one must find the true path in order to get to the end. The term maze may be also be used figuratively to signify something confusing. Maze is derived from the Old English word mæs, meaning to confuse or confound.


The IAR&T, which is the zonal coordinating research institute in the South-West, declared in a statement issued by its Head of Public Relations Unit, Mr. Adeniyi Amusat, that an uncommon pest is presently ravaging maize on the field in the Southwest agro-ecological zone of Nigeria which may likely lead to shortage of maize in the region. (This Day Nigeria)

Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh said on Thursday that despite two successive droughts, maize production during Kharif and Rabi was 21.02 million tonnes for 2015-16. (The HIndu)

South Africa will likely harvest 7.16 million tonnes of maize in 2016, 28 percent less than the 9.95 million tonnes reaped last year because of drought and late plantings, a government agency said on Thursday. (Reuters)

The owners of Sledd’s U-Pick Strawberry farm have crafted a massive sunflower maze over four acres that is in full bloom and ready for visitors. (Florida Today)

Help is on the way for The Maze Runner fans curious to learn the series’ backstory – including how Thomas came to build the Maze. (Publishers Weekly)

How to negotiate the medical bill maze in search of a better deal (The Los Angeles Times)

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