Hoarse vs horse

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Hoarse describes a rough, husky sound, usually referring to a human voice. Hoarse is an adjective, related words are hoarser, hoarsest, hoarsely, hoarseness. Hoarse probably comes from the Old High German heiser, meaning hoarse, dried out, rough.

A horse is a four-legged animal with a mane and tail, still existing in the wild in some places but mostly domesticated. Horses are used as pack animals, draft animals and human transportation. Horse may be used as a noun, adjective or verb. Related words are horses, horsed, horsing, unhorses, horsey, horselike. Horse comes from the Old English word hors.


The pain of a campaign was visible during Sunday’s Democratic debate in Flint, Michigan, as viewers noticed both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were sounding hoarse. (The Daily Mail)

It led to a 92-88 double-overtime loss that left your voice hoarse from screaming at the television, screaming something like, “Throw the ball down the court!” or “Nooooooo!” (The Washington Post)

All Blacks fans, hoarse from the celebrations, were ecstatic when Kieran Read scored the seventh try of the game for the New Zealanders. (The New Zealand Herald)

Hawk retired in January after a decade of working as a therapy horse, the organization’s executive director, Bob Lee, said Thursday. (The Island Packet)

Keen horse-lover Katie, 37, used Instagram to show off the snap of her 18-month-old daughter Bunny playing outside a stable as a horse sniffs her hand. (The Sun)

“Induction into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame is the highest honor possible in our Association, and I look forward to welcoming these deserving individuals into the Hall of Fame,” said Craig Huffhines, executive vice president of the American Quarter Horse Association. (The American Quarter Horse Journal)