Dire vs. Dyer

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Dire means extremely urgent, severe or serious. Dire also means something ominous or foreboding, predicting disaster. Dire is an adjective, related words are direly and direness. The word dire is derived from the Latin word dirus which means, awful, fearful, or threatening.

A dyer is someone who makes his living staining clothing or other fabrics with color. Related words are dye, dyes, dyed, dyeing, and dyable. The word dyer is derived from the Old English words deah and deag, which mean tinge, hue, color and the word deagol which means hidden, secret, and obscure.


Nearly a million refugees fleeing the brutal conflict in South Sudan, most of them women and children, are suffering dire conditions in camps across the region, the UN said on Monday. (The Hindustan Times)

Public Service Company of New Mexico is warning state lawmakers of dire consequences if the state Public Regulation Commission adopts a hearing officer’s recommendation to drastically slash the company’s latest electric rate request, complaining that “the hearing examiner is basically telling PNM to provide the electricity for free.” (The Santa Fe New Mexican)

Australia must close its “dire and untenable” offshore immigration detention centres, the United Nations has again told the country, following the release of the Nauru files by the Guardian, which has exposed widespread and systemic abuse on the island. (The Guardian)

Elaine Quehl, international quilt artist, designer and fabric dyer, will talk about her evolution from traditional quilter to art quilter and will bring recent quilts and digital images. (The Herald)

She came across a blog post mentioning Catharine Ellis, a fibers artist, weaver and fabric dyer who teaches workshops in the United States and abroad. (The Columbia Daily Tribune)

But Audrey Louise Reynolds, a 27-year-old self-taught designer who lives in Brooklyn, has emerged as the fashion world’s artisanal fabric dyer. (The New York Times)

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