Dew, do and due

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Dew is the condensation that collects on surfaces from the water vapor in the air. Dew is often associated with the morning, and the word dew is often used figuratively to mean freshness, youth, innocence. Dew is primarily used as a noun but may also be used as a verb, related words are dews, dewed, dewing. Dewy is the adjective form.

Do means to perform a task or action, to solve or work out a problem, to be adequate, to produce. Do is one of the top one thousand most frequently used words, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Do is a verb, related words are does, did, done, doing.

Due means required or expected at a certain time. Due may also mean what someone deserves, dues may refer to expected fees. Due is also one of the top one thousand most frequently used words, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Due may be used as an adjective, noun and adverb.


The young artists explain the title of the exhibition; “Crayons Arts is the ‘Chembila’ and we are the dew drops that fall onto it.” (The New Indian Express)

“Frost flowers” are a vapor-related phenomena that may include freezing fog, hoar frost and dew. (The Times Union)

In ‘All Kinds of Everything’, Dana told her boyfriend she thought of him whenever she saw “wishing-wells”, “morning dew”, “postcards”, and “things of the sea”. (The Irish Independent)

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a method, which they call a “mini force field,” to use magnets to propel microbots, which will one day work in groups to manufacture tiny components, to each do different tasks. (The Christian Science Monitor)

“What they should do is let the Rams move,” Noll told me while the team’s fate was still pending. ” (The Rolling Stone Magazine)

Opinion: High third level drop-out rates are due to disatisfaction with courses not ability (The Irish Times)

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski missed practice today for the second time this week due to a knee injury. (The Boston Herald)

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