Cent, scent and sent

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A cent is a penny, the lowest denomination of money in the United States, Canada and other countries. One hundred cents equal one dollar. Cent comes from the Latin centum, which means one hundred. Cent- is still used as a prefix to mean one hundred.

A scent is a particular smell, usually pleasant. Perfume is often referred to as a scent. Scent may also denote the trail a bloodhound or other dog follows to find a missing person. The word scent comes from the Old French sentir, meaning to feel, smell, touch, taste, realize, perceive, make love to.

Sent is the past participle of send.


Council to discuss additional 1 cent sales tax for housing, transit fund (Jackson Hole News and Guide)

“Every penny I have is stretched to the limit,” said Greene, who showed up on Friday at Chambersburg finance department with 2,500 pennies, only to be told that pennies and nickels are not legal tender for transactions over 25 cents under federal law. (Reuters)

DNA-testing dog poo: Spanish city on the scent of owners who don’t pick up (The Guardian)

Some scent maskers commonly used are coffee grounds, household cleaners, dryer sheets, mustard, axle grease, perfume, peppers and large quantities of car fresheners, to name a few, according to Sgt. Mike Hackney of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office. (The Journal News)

California lawmakers on Monday sent Gov. Jerry Brown a measure that would extend the jurisdiction of state community colleges beyond campus borders when the institutions are responding to incidents of sexual assault. (The Los Angeles Times)

Daggett said while the petitions volunteers are collecting to be sent to Canada’s federal Minister of Environment don’t hold any legality, she is hoping it sends a message of what the public wants. (Port Huron Times Herald)

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