Band vs banned

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A band is 1.) a group of people bonded together in service of a common cause, 2.) a group of musicians who play together, 3.) an elastic circle of material used to hold something together, 4.) a belt used in machinery, 5.) a range of frequencies allotted to a radio station, 6.) a ring for a finger, 7.) a round collar warn by some clerics and academics, 8.) in North America, a thin band applied to the leg of a bird for the purpose of identification, 9.) to wrap some type of strip around something. Band may be used as a noun or a verb, related words are bands, banded, banding. Band comes from the Middle French word bande, which refers to a strip of cloth worn to identify members belonging to a specific group of soldiers or others.

Banned is the past form of ban, meaning to prevent or prohibit. Related words are bans, banning, bannable.  Band comes from the Old Norse word banna, which means to curse or to prohibit, and also the Old French word ban, which means banishment.


Nico Espinosa was exhausted when his band, Deaf Poets, took the stage during the final day of Wynwood’s music and arts festival, III Points. (The Miami New Times)

Melbourne volunteers band together improve education in Vanuatu (The Herald Sun)

Tarrant County groups band together to boost early childhood education (The Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Marina owner Clem Napolitano said he plans to install a new type of mooring, which works like a rubber band and can accommodate more boats in the designated space. (The Jamestown Press)

Jamie Redknapp has been banned from driving for six months after being caught speeding on the M25. (The MIrror)

The fallen businessman Eike Batista lost another legal battle Tuesday as Brazil’s markets regulator banned him from serving as an officer of a publicly traded company for the next five years. (The New York Times)