Future Continuous Tense Exercises (With Printable PDF)

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What is the point of using the future continuous tense? This verb tense refers to an unfinished event that will be in progress at a later time.

Answer the three parts of this quiz to test your understanding of the future continuous tense. Then, check all your answers using the answer key provided.

What Is the Future Continuous Tense?

Future continuous tense talks about an action that will be in motion at a specific point in the future. Compared to the simple future tense, the future continuous tense emphasizes ongoing action. Its structure includes will be + present participle verb.

Some examples of verbs in the future continuous form include will be crying, will be working, and will be saving. For negative sentences, we add the word not between will and be, such as will not be crying.

Here are some sentence examples.

  • I will be playing football this afternoon. (affirmative)
  • I will not be using the car tomorrow. (negative)

Remember that this verb tense expresses action at a particular moment. That means we always use time references in sentences.

You can also use it in a question sentence. For example:

  • Will you be cooking dinner tonight?
Future Continuous Tense Exercise #1

Future Continuous Tense Exercise #1

Choose the letter of the correct answer.

What is the future continuous tense?
TRUE or FALSE: The future continuous tense can be expressed in interrogative sentences.
How does the simple future differ from the future continuous?
Which verb is in the future continuous form?
Which is the correct structure of a future continuous verb?
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Future Continuous Tense Exercise #2

Future Continuous Tense Exercise #2

Write the future continuous form of the verb.
Example: Do
Answer: Will be doing

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Future Continuous Tense Exercise #3

Future Continuous Tense Exercise #3

Complete the sentence with the correct future continuous tense verb.
Example: I ___________ (study) later.
Answer: will be studying

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Learn the Other Verb Tenses and Their Correct Forms

The future continuous tense expresses an ongoing action in the future. Use it in affirmative, negative, and interrogative sentences.

I hope this worksheet helped you practice the correct usage of future continuous tense. Learn the other verb tenses so that you can create more grammatically correct sentences.