10 Best Dissertation Editing Services

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A dissertation is likely to be the most challenging piece of work a postgraduate student has to complete. It definitely makes me grateful that my uni days are far behind me. A dissertation needs to be organized, coherent, and error-free for the researcher to clearly present their findings.

Perfect your writing with the help of our list of the best dissertation editing services to hire. These awesome companies can increase your chances of getting published in scholarly journals and improve your research career. Cool, right?

What is the Best Dissertation Editing Service?

The best dissertation editing service knows the type of service your dissertation needs. If your paper centers on Social Science, the editors should be knowledgeable about the subject and its concepts. Otherwise, they won’t give meaningful feedback and suggestions for revision.

The best editing service should also have many years of experience. If you’re hiring a freelancer, find out how long they’ve been editing. Ask for a sample edit to check if they are suitable for your writing project. In my opinion, a sample edit is one of the best solutions to find out if you’re a good match.

Their rates also determine their services. The best dissertation editing service can edit your paper at a reasonable price. They should have a fixed pricing model based on your deadline and word count.

What Does a Dissertation Editor Do?

A dissertation editor is an editor that works with seasoned writers to improve their dissertations. They should be experts in research projects, format, university standards, and the specific topic.

Dissertation editors read, critique, and edit dissertations as other editors do with various documents. But dissertation editors need to pay extra attention to the subject matter, its concepts, and how they relate to the research findings.

These experts have a huge role in the numerous revisions and iterations these papers go through. The paper’s strength will dictate whether the student will be given the title Ph.D.

How Can I Edit My Dissertation?

I mean, yes, you can, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The best way to edit your dissertation is to hire an editor. An experienced editor will instantly spot the strengths and weaknesses of your work. They will correct all your mistakes at every level, from typos to structural flaws.

As a writer, your job is to edit while writing the paper. Start your dissertation with an awareness that you will have to revise, cite sources, and proofread. Doing so will help you take notes on which parts of the paper require careful writing.

While writing, try to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. Do you need help forming grammatically correct sentences? Perhaps you need a refresher on the subject matter you’re writing about. Gather resources that will help you overcome these issues.

Finally, learn the writing standards of your university when it comes to dissertations. Should you use APA, MLA, or Chicago Style for citations? Check if there’s a template provided for your paper before submission.

How Do I Find a Thesis Editor?

Several thesis or dissertation editors market themselves on the internet. You’ll find freelancers on platforms like Upwork or Freelancer. But it’s much better to hire editors from reputable companies like TrueEditors, ProofreadingPal, and Scribendi.

Make sure the dissertation editor can address all your writing needs. If you need help with your syntax, word choice, and format, a copy editor might help. However, if you need help with the overall content flow, a specialized editor will help you.

How Much Does Thesis Editing Cost?

The price for dissertation editing varies based on the company you’re working with. These services usually have pricing calculators that customize their rates according to the turnaround time and word count.

Editor World estimates the average cost for dissertation editing services is $0.02 per word. Since dissertations usually have 10,000 to 50,000 words, the price can reach up to $1000.

How Much Does It Cost to Proofread a Dissertation?

According to Editor World, the average cost for general dissertation proofreading is $0.017 per word. That means a 50,000-word dissertation of a doctoral student may cost up to $850.

Proofreading involves correcting mechanical errors like misspellings, grammar mistakes, and formatting issues. The process is usually the same for all documents, whether dissertation, creative writing, or business.

If you want to save money, try hiring an all-in-one editor and proofreader for your dissertation. You may also look for experienced freelancers with more affordable rates. Just make sure to ask for editing samples before hiring them, trust me.

Top 10 Online Dissertation Editing Services

After researching and reading up on testimonials, I definitely think this list has your best options. So, take a moment, read through, and see which one will work for your dissertation editing needs.


True Editors

TrueEditors provides the dissertation editing help you need through their academic editing services. The trusted company can perform several levels of editing and specialized editing for the academic writer.

Online editing dissertations may include in-depth feedback about your arguments and logical gaps. Students can also receive suggestions about their documents’ ambiguities and lack of cohesion.

But if you only need basic grammar and sentence structure checks, TrueEditors can also help you. Other services they offer include referencing, writing style guides, and layout. I definitely think this is a great all-in-one service provider.

Their pricing starts at #39 for a 1000-word paper delivered in 24 hours.


Write Smartly

Regardless of your academic background, WriteSmartly has the best human editors that provide thesis editing services. The editing team can edit and proofread your academic writing pieces at a reasonable price.

The customer reviews for WriteSmartly are high, and I can see why. Their edits are clean, accurate, and logical. Aside from correcting your English language errors, they can also fix your flow, structure, and style guides.

The cost of a 1000-word text for editing and proofreading services with a turnaround time of 2 hours is $37.


Scribendi 4

Scribendi is one of the most popular companies that offer expert editing for your academic article. While they are not known for literary editing, the company has a vast experience in business, educational, and legal documents.

Scribendi’s technical accuracy is incomparable. Even writers whose second language is English will sound as fluent as native English speakers in their professional writing.

Proofreading dissertations usually come after the English editing process. Scribendi’s thesis editor will check your document for inconsistencies, flow issues, and structural problems. Then, they will look for bad grammar or formatting.

A 1,000-word document with a delivery time of 24 hours costs $40 at Scribendi. That’s a great value, if you ask me.


Wordy 3

Wordy has several expert editors who offer a wide range of editing services. Their proficient editors can perform UK-based editing and promise to create great content.

They can help you with your dissertation, essay, business presentation, and email.

The company does elite editing because of its extensive knowledge of standard grammar rules. In fact, the professional editing service features 56 subject fields in which they are experts. They can process 11 major file formats and cut 30% off your writing time.

Wordy has reasonable prices based on a time-sensitive pricing model. A 1,000-word academic document with a 24-hour delivery costs $40. Again, another great value.


Editage 2 1

I just cannot doubt the positive reviews on Editage. This reliable editing service can edit your academic documents regardless of your academic discipline. You can count on this UK-based company if you’re a Ph.D. student looking for standard dissertation editing.

The team’s experienced editors can help you with professional school essays, books, and letters. They will pair you with the most suitable dissertation editor with expertise in your field. Perhaps they also have the necessary software for editing your writing mistakes.

Editage will not make unnecessary edits to your work, such as removing your original voice or changing all passive voice sentences into active ones.

A 1000-word academic document only costs $30.


Enago 1

Enago has Ph.D./Master’s qualified native English-speaking editors who won’t let a single error slide on your dissertation. The company offers various options for editing, such as basic English editing, publication support packs, and translation.

The online dissertation editing service ensures technical accuracy and an in-depth subject review. They can perform an array of editing for scientific research, social science, and even business editing at a high delivery speed.

Enago can also assist you with non-fiction writing and personal documents. However, they thrive more in academic articles. Plus, their prices are pretty high.

The average price for a 5,000-word paper with a 21-day deadline is $840.

Visit Enago Here


Kibin 1

Kibin is known for its essay writing and creative writing editing services. But they can also do editing services for dissertations. The company offers several choices for editing, including student editing, admissions editing, and business editing.

Kibin is one of the editing platforms you can trust when proofreading documents. They will lighten your load by automatically correcting errors and providing expert feedback on your work.

Their rates start at $40 for a 24-hour delivery time of a 1000-word essay.


Proofreading Pal

Despite the plethora of companies offering Ph.D. editing services, ProofreadingPal remains competitive in the market. This company is unique because it offers a two-person editing service to provide two fresh pairs of eyes on your document.

They can perform editing for authors of books, non-fiction, and research articles. They can also help students with basic assignments and admission essays.

ProofreadingPal has a transparent pricing policy. A document submitted in 24 hours may cost between $30 and $100, depending on the word count.


Wordvice 2

Whether you need scholarship editing services or online dissertation services, Wordvice is the best company. Their editors can do proficient editing by improving your tone, style, and flow. They also provide comments and feedback for revision.

All you have to do is submit your dissertation for editing and make your payment based on their fixed prices. A 1000-word scholarly paper costs $80 for a 24-hour delivery time.

Wordvice does not offer content writing services. Don’t expect them to write a whole essay or thesis proposal for you.



Last on the list is Elite Editing. This company can give you quick editing and proofreading services without compromising quality. They are an Australian company that caters to all types of scholarly content, from admission essays to dissertations.

Elite Editing’s editors have extensive work experience at major magazine companies and universities. Some have worked in Fortune 500 but still offer affordable services.

A 1000-word essay with a 24-hour delivery time costs AUS130.

Seek Dissertation Editing Help

A document as critical as a dissertation requires professional editing services. Fortunately, many companies can perform high-quality editing without costing an arm and leg.

Choose from my list of the best dissertation editing services to fix your arguments, flow, and overall structure. These affordable services have experienced editors who are experts in diverse fields of study.

Master the art of precision writing!

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