Nevertheless vs. Nonetheless – Difference & Definition

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Is there a difference between nonetheless and nevertheless? Are these words synonyms? Discover the definitions of nonetheless and nevertheless in my handy guide. I also provided examples of how to use them in sentences.

Nevertheless and Nonetheless: The Real Difference

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Nevertheless and nonetheless are both conjunctive adverbs with the same ending, -theless. They both show contrast or opposition and can be used interchangeably, according to Merriam-Webster and Oxford English Dictionary. But some style guides say otherwise and discuss a difference between usage.

When to Use Nevertheless

Nevertheless is an adverb that has been used since the 1300s. In terms of context, use it to mean in spite of that or however.

When to Use Nonetheless

Nonetheless was coined in the 1830s but only became popular in the 1930s. Use it to mean in spite of what has just been said or mentioned. It also means in contrast to or notwithstanding.

Is It Okay to Say ‘But Nevertheless’?

It’s not necessary to use but and nevertheless in the same sentence.

Is It Correct to Say ‘But Nonetheless’?

It’s not necessary to use but and nonetheless in the same sentence.

Is Nonetheless One Word?

Yes, nonetheless is one word.

Can We Use Nevertheless Instead of However?

Yes, both however and nevertheless express contrast.

How Do You Use Nonetheless and Nevertheless in a Sentence?

Here are some examples of nonetheless in a sentence.

  • The weather forecast called for rain, nonetheless, we decided to go on our hike.
  • Despite the challenges we faced, we were able to complete the project on time nonetheless.
  • He didn’t get the promotion he wanted, nonetheless, he remained positive and focused on his next opportunity.
  • The movie received mixed reviews, nonetheless, it was a box office success.
  • She was exhausted from a long day of work, nonetheless, she stayed up late to finish her book.
  • Meet Ivory Coast’s friendly elephant, who is nonetheless concerning locals. (The Observers)

Take a look at these sentence examples I found with the word nevertheless.

  • The traffic was heavy, nevertheless, we arrived at the meeting on time.
  • She didn’t have much experience in the field, nevertheless, she was able to impress the hiring manager during the interview.
  • He wasn’t feeling well, nevertheless, he decided to push through and play in the game.
  • The project was complex, nevertheless, the team was able to complete it successfully.
  • The restaurant was busy, nevertheless, we were able to find a table to sit at and have dinner.
  • Several rumors have swirled about Hendriks in the trade market, yet none conclude the idea that the White Sox have any interest in dealing the closer. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean the Sox aren’t listening. (NBC Sports)

Nevertheless vs. Nonetheless Summary

I hope my spelling and grammar tips have helped you understand these two compound adverbs and their difference in meaning. Nevertheless and nonetheless are both conjunctive adverbs of contrast that end in -theless. Most dictionaries and grammar authorities, including Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam-Webster Dictionary, state they both mean in contrast to. However, other style guides and dictionaries note that:

  • Nevertheless means in spite of that.
  • Nonetheless means in contrast to.