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Go-between is a hyphenated compound word. We will examine the meaning of the word go-between, its etymology, and some examples of its use in a sentence or two.

A go-between is an intermediary or an emissary. A go-between acts as a broker or a mediator between two or more factions or people. The word go-between is a noun, though it was originally used as a verbal phrase when it first appeared in the mid-1500s to mean to function as a middleman, especially in cases of intrigue. The plural form of go-between is go-betweens.


Beth Renstrom, who was announced as director Monday by the foundation, said her main duties will involve operating as a go-between for the foundation and the city, which have an agreement for the foundation to develop the historic structure into a three-season event space as part of the city’s waterfront redevelopment plan. (Green Bay Press Gazette)

As a member of the board’s grievance committee, Johnson was able to act as a go-between for students, their parents and school principals. (Winston-Salem Journal)

Orantes not only served as a go-between for those who only spoke Spanish, but she served as transportation as well. (Opelika-Auburn News)