Blind side vs blindside

The words blind side and blindside are both compound words, but with a difference. We will examine the definitions of the words blind side and blindside, where these words came from and some examples of their use in sentences.

Blind side is a noun that means the direction in which a person can not see well, the side in which a person does not have a clear view, the side away from where a person is directing his gaze. Blind side is an open compound word, which is a word derived from two separate words used together. New compound words usually consist of two, separate words. This use and spelling first came into use in the early 1600s.

Blindside is a verb that means to assault someone from the side on which they are not looking, or the side where they do not have a clear view. Blindside is also used in a more figurative sense to mean to catch someone by surprise, especially in a competition or in a situation where the person believes he is cooperating. The spelling and use of the word blindside is a closed compound word, which consists of two words joined together without any hyphen or space. When a compound word becomes a closed compound word, it has generally been in use for a long time. This spelling and use of the word blindside was primarily an American term, first used in the late 1960s to describe a certain type of tackle in the game of football. Related words are blindsides, blindsided, blindsiding. Remember, when blind side is used as a noun it is an open compound word, and is spelled as two separate words with a space between them. When blindside is used as a verb it is a closed compound word, and is spelled as two words joined together without any hyphen or space.


Stepping up in the pocket on a play that was essentially second-and-goal from his own 25, Franks couldn’t see Kentucky defensive end Josh Allen coming on his blind side.  (The Independent Florida Alligator)

Chief sniffs and turns, uninterested, before bucking at a man who’s brushed by on his blind side, then chasing after him in hot pursuit. (The Diamondback News)

Narasimhan said at the Forbes Healthcare Summit on Thursday that he was “completely blindsided” by news of the contract. (The Business Insider)

Trump’s top general was blindsided by decision to pull out of Syria which president made after White House meeting with Mattis and Pompeo – and a call from Turkish leader Erdogan who told him ISIS was defeated (The Daily Mail)

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