Discord vs accord

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Discord and accord are antonyms. Antonyms are two or more words that have opposite meanings. We will examine the definitions of the words discord and accord, where these words came from and some examples of their use in sentences.

Discord is a lack of harmony between two or more people or two or more things, disagreement, conflict, the clashing of the ideas or opinions of two or more people. Discord is a noun, the adjective form is discordant. The word discord is derived from the Latin word discordia which means disagreement.

Accord is harmony between two or more people or two or more things, agreement, the ability to reconcile the ideas or opinions of two or more people. Accord may also refer to a treaty or other written formal agreement. It may also mean to bestow a certain power or status upon someone. Accord is used as a noun or a verb, the adjective form is accordable. The word accord is derived from the Latin prefix ad- which means to, and the word cor, meaning heart.


We live in a mean-spirited time, full of discord, disunity and petulance, so we have to take our victories where we find them. (The Miami Herald)

The season had been full of discord, including then-general manager Ray Farmer sending in-game texts to coaches questioning their play-calling and personnel usage. (The Chicago Sun-Times)

The risk of extreme weather such as heat waves, floods and drought will rise significantly even if the commitments in the 2015 Paris climate accord are met, a study warned on Wednesday. (The Japan Times)

Throughout much of the twentieth century, relationships of these institutions to the rising Takoma Park community have been pleasant, as community values were generally in accord with Seventh-day Adventist values on healthful living. (The Adventist Review)