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wheelhouse is a structure that encloses a ship’s navigation area, also called a pilothouse.

The idiom in your wheelhouse means where your greatest strengths lie.

In baseball, the wheelhouse of a batter’s strike zone that is most likely to hit a home run.

Lastly, in the same wheelhouse means in the same category or very similar.


“About two dozen marine police officers climbed on our boat, broke into the wheelhouse and forced us to stop when we were about six nautical miles from open waters,” Lo Chau, head of the Action Committee for Defending the Diaoyu Islands, told the press about their failed attempt to “go fishing at open waters.” [Global Post]

From a managerialist perspective, they conclude that many CEOs seek to maximize firm size because, quite simply, it is much more controllable than just about anything else in their wheelhouse, including profits, increasing market share, and the development of expertise and/or reputational capital. [Forbes]

Saunter past that into the horror section, and you’d be in his wheelhouse. “Absolutely, I’ve done a lot of horror.” [Welland Tribune] 

He already makes a high rate of contact on pitches outside the strike zone, and if he’s further teased out of his wheelhouse by secondary offerings, then you could see a greater propensity for weak contact. [CBS Sports]

The company had raised $27.5 million from Insight Venture Partners in a previous round in January 2013. That puts the company in the same wheelhouse as the well-funded tech companies Skonnard sees as its real competitors. [Tech Crunch]