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Scrummy is an adjective in British English to describe something or someone as tasty or good to eat. It is slang and informal. The object can also be scrummier and scrummiest.

It is a shortened version of scrumptious, another adjective which describes something or someone as appealing or desirous. This can be towards food that looks or tastes delicious, or it can be used for people or ideas that are especially beautiful or attractive.

The noun form of scrumptious is scrumptiousness. The adverb form is scruptiously.

And of course, the best version of this word is the fictional name of a candy bar from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the scrumpdiddlyumptious bar.


Meanwhile, The Café is treating customers to traditional breakfasts complete with two scrummy slices of cake, while Moshan Island Grill is offering jerk chicken, rice and pea salad, coleslaw and a glass of rum punch for £10. [Swindon Advertiser]

The sense is of a wistfulness for a Britain where the summers were longer, the social fabric stronger, the afternoon teas scrummier. [The Telegraph]

Celebrate summer with these scrumptious, easy-to-prepare recipes over the coming months. [Gloucester Daily Times]

Cusack’s insecure Annie is an advertising wiz whose coattail-riding husband, Aaron (Gregg Edelman), has an affair with their therapist Dr. Leslie (a scrumptiously unscrupulous Lindsey Alley). [Chicago Daily Herald]

Café Twit will be serving a selection of scrumdiddlyumptious meals, snacks, Oompa-Loompa lunch bags, and Fizzlecrumper lemonade. [Mix 96]