Scam or sham

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A sham is something fake or false, also the North American name for a certain kind of pillow covering. A scam is a scheme to take advantage of someone, usually involving taking someone’s money. A scammer is someone who runs a scam. People can also be scammed.


Hundreds of others just like them are seeking fellow gay partners of the opposite sex for sham marriages to escape the pressure from their demanding relations. [Independent]

The sham of the FSOC’s designation process became clear recently when, in a hearing before the House Financial Services Committee, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew was unable to explain how the FSOC could conduct a fair and objective investigation of MetLife when he himself—as a member of the Financial Stability Board and chairman of the FSOC—had already approved the Financial Stability Board’s designation of MetLife as a global SIFI. [Wall Street Journal]

Authorities became aware of the scam Friday night when a 39-year-old woman returned to where she had left her car in the 500 block of South Columbus Drive, only to find it missing and Lennie Perry sitting in his tow truck, according to court records. [Chicago Tribune]

Reports of the serial scammer are often similar, as he provides the victim with his name and then offers one of two different tales to misappropriate their money. [Daily Courier]

They also warn buyers not to get scammed and to walk away if the seller tries to include an existing tax disc as part of the deal. [Telegraph and Argus]