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As a verb, pooped has three meanings. The first is to defecate; second, the act of a wave coming over the side of a ship, perhaps capsizing the ship; and third, to be very tired.

A related but separate phrase is for something to poop out or stop working suddenly.


The second definition came from the Latin word puppis or stern, which Middle English changed to poop. Incidentally, the highest deck of a ship is still called the poop deck. In the 18th century, the word gained the definition to defecate; while the tired definition started in the 1930’s in North America.


The naked baby’s gangly arms and legs dangle, his little head pillowed comfortably in the palm of his dad’s hand. The chaos that ensued an instant later — as the baby pooped — reminded Al Ferguson that the hazards of handling a sleeping, naked newborn are very real, and very messy. [Today]

Both times we have been pooped occurred in the following circumstances when we were sailing downwind towards the south-west. The wind was moderating, and we had perhaps begun to relax our guard. [Yacht Sentinel]

She said: “It was the best tournament ever. I made friends and played more than seven hours of netball – and now I’m pooped.” [Plymouth Herald]

Karen Crespo is pooped, and understandably so. She had quite a big morning shattering the modeling world’s glass ceiling as she proudly strutted her stuff down the runway at New York Fashion Week. [ABC News]