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nativity is the story behind someone or something’s birth. When it is capitalized as Nativity or the Nativity it speaks of the birth of Jesus Christ. That story, or in other words the nativity of his birth, is retold at Christmas by many Christians.

It is also commonly used as the name of the set of figurines depicting Jesus’ birth. In this sense it is not capitalized.

Other definitions of nativity includes an astrological prediction made when someone is born, or the place of origin for someone or something.

The plural is nativities.

Nativity may be pronounced either with a long or short sound.

It should be noted that this term’s pairing with the Christian holiday is profound. The use of nativity will almost always bring up the thought of Christmas or Christ in your readers. If this is not your intention, then another word should be considered.


In that document, our founding fathers, who termed themselves “Representatives of the People of the Commonwealth of Liberia”, wrote that they sought, “first to expatriate themselves from the land of their nativity and to form settlements on this barbarous coast”… [The Perspective]

Built by German prisoners during World War II, the Algona Nativity Scene is now celebrating its 70th anniversary. [The Des Moines Register]

Mars enters your chart’s zone of health and everyday routine on Sunday the 26th, and Mercury’s direct movement this weekend in your sector of communication allows daily life to readjust. Venus is uncomfortable in Scorpio, which now houses your nativity’s area of home and family. [New York Magazine]

At the Historic Kirtland Visitors Center in Kirtland, there are 750 different nativities made by artists from throughout the world. [News Net 5]