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Matrix has many meanings. It can be a pattern created by lines crossing to make spaces. It can be a surrounding structure in which something develops. This can be a set of conditions, a situation, or an actual structure. A matrix is also a diagram showing the line of command in an organization. Another definition of matrix is a mold in which something is cast. In Mathematics it is chart of values that is treated as one entity and has certain rules.

The plural form of matrix can be matrices or matrixes, but the former is vastly preferred.

The word was originally used to describe a breeding animal, specifically the female, with the Latin combination of mater and trix. This accounts for the shared suffix with other -trix words.


The North Carolina state legislature also mandated that some student-fee revenue must go to an in-house tuition-assistance grant. UNCC targets those funds based on unmet need for each incoming class and awards aid based on a matrix that targets all students until the money runs out. [American Progress]

Although he remains two shots off the lead, McIlroy has, as he has done all season, maintained a machine-like consistency according to every statistical matrix. [Golf Channel]

Kaiser says the PMA works like scaffolding, on which the body goes to work building new matrices of collagen. [Wisconsin Gazette].

Kerecis develops tissue-regeneration biologic matrixes consisting of patented Omega3-containing fish skin. Production takes place in Kerecis’ manufacturing facilities in Iceland. Biologic matrixes are materials made from human or animal tissue where the original material is intact, but all cells and antigenic materials have been removed. The Kerecis fish-skin material accelerates wound healing and enables tissue reconstruction. [Digital Journal]