Installation vs. installment

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An installation is (1) the act of installing something, (2) something that has been installed, (3) a military base, and (4) an art exhibit consiting of three-dimensional or audio-visual elements and meant to be appreciated in its setting. An installment (so spelled in the U.S. and sometimes in Canada—outside North America, it’s instalment, with one l) is (1) one of a series of payments, or (2) a portion of a literary work or other work of art issued serially.


Installation of CCTV cameras along a public bridleway in Leicestershire without warning has sparked privacy fears. [BBC]

Pop star Lady Gaga will make her film acting debut in the second installment of the Machete film franchise. [National Post]

So it’s truly amazing that the first gay civil union at an American military installation took place in June. [The Stir]

To tap younger buyers, Osim is also offering instalment plans. [Sydney Morning Herald]

Opposite the row of photographs inside Mr. Jodha’s installation is a stretch of shroud-like black fabric, behind which a row of 18 mannequins press noses and foreheads against the cloth. [New York Times]

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