Fiscal vs physical

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Fiscal is an adjective that means relating to the public treasury or government revenue. In North America, fiscal also means of or relating to matters of finance, a fiscal year is an accounting year. Some companies choose to have their fiscal years begin and end on dates other than the calendar year, for tax purposes. The United States government’s fiscal year is currently October through September. Fiscal comes the Middle French fiscal, from the Late Latin fiscalis meaning of or belonging to the state treasury. A derived form is fiscally.

Physical is an adjective that means relating to or of the body, not the mind. Physical refers to material things, bodily contact, something detectable by the senses. Physical may be used as a noun, as an abbreviation for physical examination. Derived forms are the adverb physically and the nouns physicality and physicalness. Physical is first used in the early 1400s, derived from the Latin physica meaning study of nature. The first use of the term physical examination occurs in 1934, the first use of the phrase physical education is in 1838 and the first use of the term physical therapy occurs in 1922.


Even though they are often seen as mysterious players in many markets, with powers to buy and sell vast quantities of US Treasuries, or to invest heavily in private equity, this is a basic fiscal role for sovereign funds. (Financial Times)

Also, this capital raising will take care of our capital requirement up to fiscal 2017 at least, so we do not need to raise any more capital now given the fact that it is coming in a staggered manner and this will take care of our growth requirement. (The India Times)

Truth in Accounting, which advocates for accurate, understandable and transparent financial reporting by government agencies, ranked North Dakota behind only Alaska in fiscal health in its annual “Financial State of the States” report. (The Bismarck Tribune)

Although he saw linebacker Leon Jacobs and cornerback Derrick Tindal ejected against Troy after being penalized for targeting, Wisconsin coach Paul Chryst believes that the players intended hits were physical but clean. (The Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal)

“Aging Well” is the theme for 2015, and physical therapists and physical therapist assistants are the experts in helping individuals overcome pain and stiffness, optimize your body’s movement, and preserve independence as we age greatly reducing the need or dependence of long-term prescription drug use and even surgery in many cases. (The Sioux City Journal)

Australians are borrowing fewer physical books, according to the latest snapshot on the country’s libraries. (The Brisbane Times)