Amends vs amends

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One form of amends is the third person present tense of the verb amend, which means to alter or improve something, especially a formal document. It is often used when people are speaking to say that they corrected previously given information, or changes something they said earlier.

Another form of amends is a plural noun usually found in the phrase make amends. This form of amends means a recompense or a compensation for a loss or injury. One can make an offer of amends. Note that this phrasing is used in the legal world for an official apology or correction in cases of libel.


Later she amends the number to two. [Examiner]

“It further states that the Clerk must amend the requested levy and must notify the taxing body at least seven days before he amends the levy – in this case either the Superintendent, the Board of Education Clerk-Business Manager, or Board of Education President. This final legally required check did not occur.” [KOAM TV]

Apache, who finished second last time out, may make amends in the upper division of the Director General Of Police Trophy, the main event of the races to be held here on Thursday (Jan. 22). [The Hindu]

It took awhile, but Sean Reyes finally made amends with Salt Lake Rotarians, who felt snubbed in August when the Republican attorney general declined to appear with his Democratic rival at the club’s regular luncheon. [The Salt Lake Tribune]

This owner is committed to personally apologising and making amends with this individual. [The Independent]