Accent vs accentuate

  • To accent something is to emphasize it or put it at the forefront. In pronunciation it also means putting more emphasis or force on one syllable.


    As a noun, accent means the way a certain group of people talk that is attributed to where they live. It also describes the syllable in a word which is said with greater emphasis (e.g., the accent is on the second syllable). The noun form may also describe the mark above certain characters from other languages, such as the tilde, ˜. However, this are most commonly referred to as accent marks.

    It has one adjective form which is also an antonym, accentless, which means without force.


    Accentuate is a synonym of accent, but does not carry all of accent’s varied definitions. To accentuate something means to give it attention or call someone else’s attention to the object, subject, or person.

    Its noun form is accentuation, and it conjugates as a normal verb with accentuated and accentuating.

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