Wonder vs. wonderment

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Wonder is a verb meaning to feel curiosity, doubt, or admiration. Wonder can also be a noun describing a feeling of admiration, usually caused by something new or beautiful.

Wonderment is a synonym for the noun definition of wonder. It is a noun meaning a state of reverence or adoration.

In most cases, wonder would be sufficient. However, one might consider using wonderment if  wonder’s alternative meanings might result in a clarity issue.

Another word is wonderstruck. It is an adjective describing a person has having a sense of wonder come upon he or she quickly and with force.


Roadtrip on an Australian highway to a land of wonder. [Daily Telegraph]

They look around in wonder as I point to various details – plaited camel-hair ropes, painted designs on pillars and roof slats – stretching my less-than-adequate knowledge of the great man to satisfy their curiosity. [Irist Times]

She says it like Graham Norton might, encouraging wonderment at the athlete’s presence at all. [Telegraph]

Golf has witnessed a good deal of medical wonderment. [National]

It’s a measure of the good-naturedness of this event that the arrival of a biblical deluge is greeted with such wonderment: on a weekend of largely glorious weather, there’s a determination to be uplifted that’s almost contagious. [Guardian]

Here, Lakshmana comes back wonderstruck and narrates to Rama the miraculous act of Sita proving her chastity. [The Hindu]

“You know, for me, the feeling of being wonderstruck, it’s an excitement of something new,” she told MTV News at the event while hordes of screaming fans shouted. [MTV]