Veteran vs veterinarian

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Veteran and veterinarian are two words that are close in spelling and pronunciation, but are very different in meaning. We will examine the definitions of veteran and veterinarian, where these words came from and some examples of their use in sentences.

The word veteran is most often used to mean a person who once served in the armed forces or military or a someone who has served in the military for a long time and is still serving in the military. Veteran is also used to mean someone who has a lot of experience in a particular field or career. The word veteran is derived from the Latin word veteranus, which means something that has been in use for a long time or an old soldier. The plural form of veteran is veterans. The word veteran is often abbreviated as vet.

The word veterinarian means a person trained and qualified to treat the health of animals, including injury and disease. Though a veterinarian is trained to treat all types of animals, most specialize in pets, farm animals or exotic animals such as the types of animals in zoos. The word veterinarian is derived from the Latin word veterinarius, which means concerning beasts of burden. The plural form of veterinarian is veterinarians. The word veterinarian is also often abbreviated as vet. The only way to know whether the word vet refers to a veteran or a veterinarian is through context.


Army veteran Alejandro Villanueva, Stephon Tuitt and Cam Heyward presented Wiggins with a custom-made jersey featuring the No. 100, and coach Mike Tomlin came over to pose for a picture with him. (The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

“If Venezuela is really serious about having constructive negotiations around their debt stack and debt service issues, and around broader economic issues, they need to meet with creditors in a neutral location,” said Bill Derrough, global co-head of restructuring at investment bank Moelis & Co and a veteran of high profile debt restructurings. (Reuters)

One potential investor, Duane Fitzgerald, a veterinarian from Lowell, spoke at Thursday’s Planning Commission about his personal interest if the township passes a medical marijuana ordinance. (The Greenville Daily News)