Veracity vs. voracity

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Veracity means truthfulness or honesty. Its corresponding adjective is veracious, which is synonymous with true or truthful.

Voracity is the noun corresponding to the adjective voracious, which means (1) eager to consume a great amount of food, or (2) marked by an insatiable appetite.

Veracity is far more common than the rare voracity, so the latter is sometimes used in place of the former. But voracious is far more common than veracious, so the confusion of the adjectives tends to go in the other direction.


Bruning questioned the poll’s veracity, while Stenberg said it showed voters were seeking an alternative to Bruning. [The Hill]

It is unknown how veracious they can be taken but the media has been burned before by the slew of rumors … [ValueWalk]

But it’s not just “risk-free” bonds that investors are gobbling up with unprecedented voracity. [Huffington Post]

When I get started on a new project or endeavor, I become a voracious consumer of information. [Wired News]