Varied vs various

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Varied means showing variety, different kinds. Varied comes into the English language in the early fifteenth century to mean changed, within the century varied came to mean differing from one another. Varied is an adjective and also the past tense of the verb vary. Use the word varied when describing things that are somewhat similar.

Various means different from one another, of several types. Various comes into the English language in the early fifteenth century to mean characterized by variety, derived from the Latin word varius  which means changing, different, diverse. Various is an adjective. Use the word various when describing things that are distinctly different.


The result is a varied, thoughtful set that stays well clear of political sloganeering. (The Guardian)

Around York County, home sales increased throughout 2015, while home values varied from one school district to another. (The York Daily Record)

Martin’s solicitor Cameron Bell applied to have her bail conditions varied so she could contact family and not have to report to police so frequently. (The Northern Star)

Take comfort in Vic’s ‘homey’ cooking, varied menu, big portions (The Albuquerque Journal)

A court here has sentenced two persons to varied imprisonment for kidnapping and raping a woman more than two years ago. (The Business Standard)

Veteran comedian Kitty Flanagan relishes the challenges of her varied creative outlets (Canberra Times)

Bomb threats again at ITC building, various schools (The Guam Daily Post)

The Andhra Pradesh government today said it has signed 32 MoUs with various companies involving an investment of Rs 1.95 lakh crore on the inaugural day of the three-day long partnership summit here. (The Times of India)

And one man is doing exactly that; cashing in on the fact he looks spookily like actor Bradley Cooper, by wangling his way into various Sundance Film Festival parties and confusing everyone. (Cosmopolitan Magazine)