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Trepidation is a word that many find confusing. We will examine the definition of the word trepidation, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences.

Trepidation is a feeling of fear about something that is about to happen or a feeling of fear regarding something one is about to take part in. Trepidation is a feeling of anxiety or apprehension about something one is about to take part in or is about to happen. The word trepidation is derived from the Latin word trepidationem which means trembling. The idea is of someone who is trembling with fright. Trepidation is a mass noun, which is a noun that does not have a plural form. Related words are the adjective trepidatious and the adverb trepidatiously.


A few days ago, five-star basketball recruit Keion Brooks was asked about his level of interest in the Louisville Cardinals and expressed some trepidation. (The Lexington Herald-Leader)

“I think there’s trepidation amongst many people, not just the leadership, about changing the method of voting because they were elected using the current method,” said John Marion, the executive director of the advocacy group Common Cause, which has advocated for the proposal. (The San Francisco Chronicle)

This trepidation was largely due to an increased catalogue and overall patchy trade that has been evident at some other breeze-up sales this year, but on this occasion trade by and large remained buoyant with plenty of activity, as predicted, at the top end. (The Thoroughbred Daily News)

There’s been some trepidation around Tim Burton’s remake of Dumbo, many fans of the animated classic being concerned that the 3D rendering would look bizarre. (The INdependent)

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