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The word tout dates back to around 1700 and may be confusing. We will examine the definition of tout, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences.

Tout has several related meanings: 1.) To extoll the virtues of something 2.) To attempt to sell something with an unrelenting approach 3.) In North America, to sell horse racing tips 4.) In Britain, to spy on racehorses in order to gain an unfair betting advantage 5.) In Britain, to buy tickets to an event and then illegally or legally resell them for a profit. The word tout may be used as a noun or a verb, related words are touts, touted, touting, touter. The word tout is derived from the Middle English word  tuten which means to peek at something, and was originally used to mean a lookout for thieves.


In their marquee addresses to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee annual policy conference on Monday night, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley and Vice President Mike Pence used the friendly platform to tout many of the Trump administration’s triumphs on Israel. (The Cleveland Jewish News)

He later used his family’s money to rechristen a tout sheet called Penny Stock Journal into Individual Investor magazine, which went bust in 2001. (Forbes Magazine)

Fans are already charged over the odds when they buy tickets from touts on the four resale sites. (The Scottish Daily Record)

The letter touts Ravenna as an ideal location for the site, with members arguing that its location near transportation networks and its workforce make it an ideal location for the site, which would supplement other missile defense sites in Alaska and California. (The Dayton Daily News)