Topography vs. typography

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Topography is the study or description of the surface features of a place or region. The word is also sometimes shorthand for the features of an area—for example, The topography of the area is rough and hilly. Typography is the art and technique of arranging and composing type for printing. The adjectives corresponding to these words are topographical and typographical.


The province’s topography comprises mostly mountains and rivers. [The Economist]

The paper editions will come bound in either white or black leather with the cover typography resembling that of the Bible. [Guardian]

The data will be used by engineers and planners to chart sea level rise, create topographical maps and track changes in the landscape. [Santa Rosa Press Democrat]

[T]he use of the heart symbol in this way is the first time a typographical innovation developed through such bumper stickers and T-shirts has entered mainstream language use. [quoted in Globe and Mail]