Tool vs tulle

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Tool and tulle are two words that are pronounced similarly but are spelled differently and have different meanings. We will look at the different definitions of the words tool and tulle, where the words come from and some examples of their use in sentences.

A tool is an device that is used for a particular function, especially a hand-held device manufactured to perform a certain job. Tool may also mean the impressions in leather achieved by the use of certain devices, or the process of making these impressions in the leather. Tool is also used as a verb to mean outfitting a person or place with devices to be used in particular functions. It is also used as a verb in American English to mean driving around in a car in a casual fashion. Related words are tools, tooled, tooling, tool is derived from the Old English word tol.

Tulle is a fabric that resembles netting, it may be made from nylon, silk or cotton. Tulle is very fine and light, it is often used in veils, ballet tutus and gowns. Tulle is named for a town in France which was famous for lace and silk, and is most probably where tulle fabric was invented.


A new digital mapping tool which assists local governments and primary producers to make better decisions about the future impacts of climate change was launched in Benalla last week. (The Shepparton News)

Come to participate, come to shop: There will be tapestries from Hannah Ruth Levi, all-natural skin-care items from Moon Nectar Apothecary, and hand-tooled leather goods like harnesses and chokers from Zooey England. (Seattle Weekly)

The low-cut bodice featured an embroidered heart on her left breast and the full tulle skirt floated to the floor. (Daily Mail)