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TMI is an abbreviation that stands for too much information. The term TMI is usually used when someone is sharing too many intimate details, though sometimes TMI is used to describe when someone is sharing too many boring details. The origin of the abbreviation is murky, it is probably linked to the advent of online communities and the use of abbreviations such as LOL (laugh out loud), BRB (be right back) and AFK (away from keyboard). TMI is one of the few abbreviations that migrated from the computer screen into spoken language and is now an entry in the Oxford English Dictionary.


And if you’re stunned to see words like FOMO, hella, TMI, or wacky tobacky (hehe) in the next edition of the dictionary, you’re not alone. (The San Diego Union-Tribune)

Like the rebel he is, Kanye West isn’t doing that: with today’s (probable, who knows!) release of “The Life of Pablo,” the rap icon has made the world’s first TMI album. (The Oregonian)

But even the most ardent Brolianne ‘shippers might call “ew, TMI!” after reading Hough’s new interview with Cosmopolitan magazine. (The Washington Post)

TMI? Kylie Jenner films up sister Khloe Kardashian’s skirt in bizarre Snapchat video (The Mirror)

In fact, some experts say a habit of oversharing is clogging Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds with TMI, or too much information, from detailed accounts of baby’s first poo to booger eating, barfing and broken limbs. (The Daily Sentinel)

Kit Harington squeals about actually being completely dead on Game Of Thrones, revealing TMI for fans of the show. (The Toronto Sun)

The Jerusalem Post Group launched its brand new celebrity gossip website TMI on Sunday. (The Jerusalem Post)