Suit vs suite

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Suit means (1.) a set of clothing designed to be worn together because of the cut and similar material, usually a jacket and matching skirt or trousers for a woman, a jacket and trousers and sometimes a vest for men. A suit may also be an outfit used for a specific purpose (2.) a civil petition (lawsuit) (3.) the four sets of playing cards in a deck that correspond to spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs (4.) the act of courting a woman (5.) to be appropriate or convenient (6.) to meet the standards of something or someone (7.) to don specific work apparel.

Suite means (1.) a set of connected rooms that form one unit, such as in a hotel (2.) a set of matching furniture (3.) a group of attendants for a high-ranking person (4.) a set of coordinated computer programs (5.) selected musical works arranged to be performed as one instrumental work.


Koster’s office dismissed the suit Monday, saying the case became moot when a municipal court reform measure was signed into law by Gov. Jay Nixon on Saturday. (The Springfield News-Leader)

Create clothes that suit your individual body shape (Sunshine Coast Daily)

When finally all are seated, we have fused into a dark gray flannel blanket, with occasional dark blue flecks, with the sole misweave where my respectable, not quite electric but decidedly sunny blue plaid suit seems to glow. (Hartford Courant)

In Rio, there was a carnival-like mood, with samba music blasting from speakers on a truck, some protesters carrying surfboards, others riding skateboards, and many wearing bikinis or bathing suits. (The Bangkok Post)

When you are playing a suit and lead a small card toward the K Q x x x in dummy, and the next opponent hesitates for a few seconds, you can be sure that he holds the ace and is trying to decide whether to go up with it or not. (The Lebanon Democrat)

The two ended up getting a room at the hotel they were having dinner at, marking the first official Fantasy Suite date on Bachelor in Paradise. (People)

The smiling Jurassic World actress, 34, arrived to the gifting suite sporting a playful pussybow neck blouse and skin tight jeans, which she later swapped for an all-black look. (The Daily Mail)

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