Some way vs. someway

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While sometime, someday, someplace, someone, etc. are all long-established, dictionary-approved words, there is no accepted equivalent compound of the two-word phrase some way. In published writing of all kinds, the two words are almost always separate, as in these cases:

We wanted to honor his birthday in some way today and spent a few hours last night reacquainting ourselves with some of Dr. King’s speeches. [Chicagoist]

That word is generally reserved for music that’s new, unusual or especially difficult in some way. [The Globe and Mail]

More than a quarter of Kishinev’s buildings were in some way damaged. [The Washington Post]

Still, there are a few scattered exceptions to be found. Someway occasionally appears as a colloquial synonym for somehow—for example:

But these Kerns sold the restaurant, or got rid of it someway. [Columbia Basin Herald]

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