Seasonable vs seasonal

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Seasonable means appropriate or usual for the season of the year, something is taking place during the appropriate season. The most prevalent use of the word seasonable is to describe weather. Seasonable is an adjective, related words are seasonably, seasonability, seasonableness.

Seasonal describes something that occurs during a certain season of the year, something characteristic of a certain season or something that only occurs during a certain season. Seasonal is also an adjective, related words are seasonally, seasonality, seasonalness. Both seasonable and seasonal come from the Old French words seison and saison, meaning season, appropriate time. Remember, seasonable means something usual for a certain season of the year, seasonal means something that occurs during a certain season of the year.


The storm system that soaked the metro-east on Easter Sunday has moved on, paving the way for more docile, seasonable weather for the first part of the week. (The Belleville News-Democrat)

Criticism was thrown at McCarthy’s styling–wrapped in a voluminous jacket that hid her figure–when other cover girls that month were wearing a variety of seasonable clothing that hugged their curves. (Parade Magazine)

And this week’s swirling winds and cool temperatures — gusts reached 40 km/h on Saturday while the mercury hovered at a below-seasonable 18C — appear to have marginally dulled the huge advantage usually afforded to the long-driving, high-ball-hitting, prime-of-their-lives pros. (The Toronto Star)

Putting in 15-hour days as cook and cleaner is not what Don Berig expected to be doing at this point in his life, but he and his wife, Marylou, are on the front lines at the Lobster Claw until the restaurant’s seasonal workforce arrives. (The Portland Press-Herald)

The U.S. Coast Guard announced Friday plans for the seasonal closure of Station Harbor Beach, which currently has a staff of about 15 people. (The Times Herald)

Except for non-seasonal veggies including broccoli, peas or round gourd, the rates of almost all seasonal vegetables are stable for now. (The Chandigarh Tribune)