Sculpture vs sculptor

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Sculpture is the discipline of fashioning a three-dimensional art piece in bronze, stone, wood, metal, plaster or other material. Sculpture also refers to the item that is fashioned through this discipline. Since the 1800s, the preferred verb form  of sculpture is sculpt, related words are sculpts, sculpted, sculpting, the adjective form is sculptural and the adverb form is sculpturally. Another correct verb form is sculpture, dating from the 1600s. Related words are sculptures, sculptured, sculpturing.

A sculptor is one who creates three-dimensional art pieces in bronze, wood, metal, plaster or other material. All of these words derive from the Latin word sculpere, which means to carve.


Whoever stole pieces of a sculpture from storage in Edina apparently thought better of the thievery and coughed up the ceramic blocks under cover of darkness, police said Monday. (The Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

Sculptured by renowned Liverpool artist Arthur Dooley in 1974, this was the first ever statue to commemorate The Beatles. (The Echo)

The proposed site sits on the front porch of the town, within view of the three sculptured horses in a roundabout that welcome visitors to Chino Valley. (The Daily Courier)

The Singing Bones review: Shaun Tan’s sculptured approach to Grimms’ fairytales (The Sydney Morning Herald)

The Amundsons traveled in Europe, New Zealand and across the United States to visit outdoor sculpture gardens for ideas and inspiration. (The Seattle Times)

“Outside, it’s very much about responding to the environment, but for this exhibit we get to sculpt the air currents to choreograph the movement,” she explains. (The Smithsonian Magazine)

100-yr-old dead wood takes shape in sculptor’s hand (The Times of India)

Russian sculptor creates chocolate sculpture of Putin (Reuters)

The Udaipur-based sculptor was entangled in a mesh of controversies when he exhibited his installations on sanitation where he used toilet pots to depict deaths due to poor sanitation and hygiene. (The Hindu)