Sari vs sorry

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Sari and sorry are two words that are sometimes confused. They are pronounced similarly but have two very different meanings. We will look at the definitions of sari and sorry, where the words come from and some examples of their use in sentences.

A sari is a garment worn by Indian, Hindu or Southeast Asian women that consists of a long piece of silk or cotton that is wrapped around the body is a specific fashion. The word sari is derived from the Hindu word sari, first used in English in the late 1700s. An alternate spelling is saree.

Sorry describes a sympathetic or sad feeling concerning another’s distress or misfortune. Sorry may also mean penitent, a feeling of regret for doing something wrong or causing someone else’s distress or misfortune. Sorry may be used to express sympathy or politeness. Additionally, sorry may describe a pitiful state of existence. The word sorry comes from the Old English word sarig which means distressed.


This is why I decided to explore the idea,” says Tanira Sethi, who has created a line of Cashmere saris on a never-done-before scale, including the world’s first ever Cashmere lace sari. (The Hindustan Times)

In a similar development, a cloth trader in the city has got a new design of sari made, with the print of the newly introduced pink-coloured Rs 2,000 note. (The Tribune)

Still, it was hard not to feel a little sorry for Jerry Jones standing there in the Cowboys locker room on Sunday night. (The Guardian)

In the earlier post, without saying what she was sorry for, the actor wrote in her “open confession/apology”, “There are few more things which are very important and I want to clear them as well.” (The Indian Express)