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Rummy is a word that has two, distinct definitions. We will examine those definitions, where the word rummy came from and some examples of its use in sentences.

Rummy is a type of card game in which sets of cards are matched for points. These sets may consists of the same suit, the same rank or a sequence. There are countless variations of the card game rummy, the most popular of which is probably gin rummy, invented at the turn of the twentieth century. Most card game scholars believe rummy card games are derived from the tile game of Mahjong. This definition of the word rummy originated with the word rhummy, though its meaning is uncertain. The word rummy may also be used to mean an alcoholic or drunkard, someone who drinks too much. A rummy does not necessarily refer to someone who drinks rum. The term rummy meaning a drunkard is derived from the alcoholic beverage, rum.


Like Max Sala, her co-star in the two-character play, and director Richard Frantz, Moriarty knows how to play gin rummy, and sometimes she’s tempted to do so for real in her role as Fonsia Dorsey. (The South Bend Tribune)

So, whether it’s a quick rummy game or a mind-boggling game of Clash of Clans, available on their mobiles come in handy to kill boredom. (Nagpur Today)

The Delhi high court has agreed with a lower court’s observation that playing rummy, a card game, with small stakes at a club does not amount to gambling. (The Asian Age)

Saddling up to one of these high-walled behemoths, all men–whether a rummy, rabble rouser, a robber baron or a Roosevelt—were equal. (Bon Appetit Magazine)