Reindeer or caribou

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reindeer is a species of deer which live in the northern part of the earth. Caribou is a synonym for reindeer and is especially used for those which live on the North American continent. Reindeer can be found on nearly every northern continent and much further south than the North Pole.

In 1823 reindeer were paired with St. Nicholas and with the song about Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, they have been a permanent fixture in the Christmas holiday celebrations in the Western world.

Interestingly, both reindeer and caribou have the same plural formations. Any of the following are correct plurals: reindeer, reindeers, caribou, caribous.


Reindeer populations are in trouble around the world, and in China, the iconic animals are on the decline largely because of inbreeding, according to new research. [NBC News]

Two real reindeer, named Comet and Blitzen, also greeted guests and posed for photos on the street without incident. [Page Six]

Deciding to fly down from the North Pole commercially, leaving his reindeers and elves to take care of the last-minute Christmas gift wrapping, Santa patiently spoke to well over 100 children, some as young as 6 months old, while their parents, grandparents and friends beamed with pride and delight. [Bradenton Herald]

The annual status report on the caribou, which ranks the provinces and their plans for recovery strategies for the caribou, puts Alberta at the bottom of the list. [CBC]

The herd’s migration to the calving grounds was delayed and many caribou, including calves, died while trying to reach the calving area. [Delta News Web]

The viruses are hundreds of years old: One of them probably infected plants the caribous ate. [KUOW]

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