Redress vs readdress

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Redress and readdress are similar in pronunciation and spelling but have very different meanings. We will look at the definitions of redress and readdress, where the words come from and some examples of their use in sentences.

Redress means to make something that is wrong, right again, to remedy a situation, to compensate for a grievance, to make reparation. It may also mean to clothe again. The word redress may be used as a noun or a transitive verb, which is a verb that takes an object. Related words are redresses, redressed, redressing, redresser, redressable. Redress is derived from the Old French word redrecier, which means to rebuild or restore.

Readdress means to change the address that is written on a letter or other correspondence. Readdress may also mean to look at a subject anew or from a different perspective. Readdress is a transitive verb, related words are readdresses, readdressed, readdressing. The word readdress is derived from the Old French word adrecier, which means to point, to direct, to set right, and the prefix re-, which means once more, again, anew.


He said that one Union minister would redress grievances of party workers coming from all over the country, at the party office. (The Janta Ka Reporter)

In a bid to “redress the balance”, Historic Environment Scotland (HES) urged the public to help identify buildings with a connection “to under- represented figures from our country’s history” so that plaques can be installed in their honour. (The Sunday Times)

As lawmakers prepare to readdress plans to use Permanent Fund revenue for state expenses, Wielechowski says a dividend guarantee is critical to build popular support. (The Kenai Peninsula Clarion)

the Appraisal Standards Board’s Advisory Opinion 26, after an assignment has been completed and the report has been delivered, appraisers are sometimes asked to readdress (transfer) the report to another party. (National Mortgage Professional Magazine)