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A red-letter day is a day that is special, a day that is remarkable in a positive way, a day that affords a great opportunity or is particularly memorable. The term red-letter day is derived from the practice of marking church festivals and holy days in red on liturgical calendars during the Middle Ages. This practice of marking important days in red on calendars goes back to antiquity. Red-letter day is sometimes seen without a hyphen, as in red letter day, but the Oxford English Dictionary only lists the hyphenated form as correct.


Calling it a red-letter day in Arunachal Pradesh’s history, Rijiju said the upgraded ALG, about 120 km from the China border as the crow flies, will not only be a strategic asset for the Air Force but also provide valuable back-up to a state where surface connectivity is still a major problem. (The Indian Express)

It was a red-letter day in Rosehearty as the village post office opened its doors again after weeks of refurbishment. (The Press and Journal)

In case you missed it earlier, it’s been something of a red-letter day for athletes of a certain vintage in the equestrian competition. (The Guardian)

“I regard this as a red-letter day,” said Robert Sievers, a chemistry professor at the University of Colorado who studies cannabinoids. (The Denver Post)

Today is a red-letter day for the 888 News Forum that holds its sessions every 9 a.m. on Tuesdays at the Marco Polo Plaza Hotel. (The Philippine Star)

FINAL preparations are being made this week for what is certain to be a red-letter day in the history of the Carrickmore Eire Og Hurling and Camogie club. (The Ulster Herald)

Chief Minister T.R. Zeliang termed the day a red letter day in the history of Nagaland as the railway project would connect the commercial hub of Dimapur with the State capital. (The Hindu)

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