Realty vs reality

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Realty is real property that is immovable, another term for real estate. Realty refers to land, buildings, and proprietary rights over land and buildings. Realty appears in the English language in the 1660s to mean real estate, evolving from its original meaning of real possession, in the 1540s. 

Reality means what actually exists, the quality of being true or accurate, something that is actually experienced. The word reality comes into the English language in the 1540s to mean the quality of being real, derived from the Late Latin realis. Reality television, television shows which purport to document real life, came into the lexicon in the 1990s.


Fairfield County realty developer Zhifeng “Jack” Yang hopes to secure a total of 24 Chinese investors to chip in $500,000 a piece, for a total of $12 million, or 60 percent of the project’s budgeted cost. (Hartford Business)

HDFC Property Fund today announced an investment of Rs 100 crore in Chennai-based realty developer TVH for its upcoming project in the city. (The Financial Express)

A realty company has filed a lawsuit claiming neighbors are hindering a court-ordered demolition. (The West Virginia Record)

Govt needs to face reality over forest preservation (The Bangkok Post)

Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) has said it was time for the Naga people to accept the “reality” that “Naga territories in India will not be amalgamated” and that it would be best that the Nagas, in their respective states, be allowed to chart their own respective destinies “in the manner of United Naga Council of Manipur” in consultation with all stakeholders and with one another under the principle of inclusiveness. (The Times of India)

Opinion polls do not capture the “cut off your nose to spite your face” reality of Northern politics. (The Irish Times)